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President Theodore Roosevelt, upon drinking Maxwell House coffee, exclaimed Maxwell House coffee being “good to the last drop,” it stuck and a popular registered trademark was born.

The brand Maxwell House coffee is now owned by Kraft General Foods Corporation. Originally, Maxwell House was the name of a famous hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The coffee served at the Maxwell House originated from a grocer in the neighborhood named Joel Cheek.  The coffee for the Maxwell House was blended by Mr. Cheek.  Unfortunately, the original Maxwell House burned to the ground in 1961.  In 1970, another Maxwell house was rebuilt  a few miles away from the original site. This time,  it had to seek permission from the Kraft General Foods, which owns the rights to the name.

Additionally, Joel Cheek built a mansion on the outskirts of Nashville from the proceeds of the sales of the Cheek-Neal coffeehouse, the birthplace of the Maxwell House coffee. The mansion, which is called Cheekwood, was later donated to the people of Tennessee and is currently used as an art gallery and a botanical garden.

From the humble beginnings, the Kraft General foods marketed the Maxwell House coffee and now offers it in various successful variations.


The filter packs, no matter what the brand of your coffee maker, will fit just right into your filter basket and are pre-measured with just the right amount of Maxwell coffee to make a good tasting cup.   Maxwell coffee filter packs are convenient ways to offer good coffee, because the resulting cup is a consistently dependable cup every time. Each Maxwell filter pack can produce from four to six cups of coffee. To change the strength of coffee to your taste, you just adjust the amount of coffee you put into your coffee maker. No need for messy clean ups, either. All you need to do is throw away the filter packs. You will typically require three filter packs to make one full pot. Maxwell filter packs are re-sealable to maintain it fresher longer.


The Maxwell coffee singles are packed to look like tea bags and function in the same manner.  All you have to do is submerge the single in a mug of hot water for about half a minute. If you like a stronger flavor, you can leave the single bag in the water longer until it reaches your desired strength. Once the coffee is at the right level of taste, just remove the bag and enjoy the same coffee freshness that Maxwell house is well-known for.


Unlike many decaf coffees, the Maxwell House decaffeinated provides the full-flavored taste of coffee without the caffeine.


The newly enhanced French Roast Decaffeinated coffee is so full bodied that you won’t notice that you are drinking a decaf. Maxwell coffee decaf, both the regular and natural versions are also available also in convenient filter packs, instant, singles packs,  pre-measured and ground forms.


Coffee beans from Columbia are famous as the richest coffee bean variety in the world. Colombian coffee beans have been perfectly roasted by Maxwell coffee to bring out that spirited full-bodied aroma and taste of 100% Colombian coffee beans. Maxwell House’s Colombian coffee supreme decaf is also available in the regular decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee.

MASTER BLEND Decaffeinated

Master Blend Naturally Decaffeinated coffee from Maxwell House is a masterpiece in coffee blending and roasting. Every coffee bean is masterfully selected to bring out their unique, distinctive and delightful  coffee flavor.

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Other kinds of Maxwell House coffee

Instant, Decaffeinated Instant, Instant Original,  Sanka Instant Decaffeinated, Custom Roasted and the Single Serve Brewers are also offered as part of the Maxwell House line. They all have that uniquely fine coffee taste, body, flavor and aroma that are aptly described as “good to the last drop.”

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